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 How to install Your next stereo yourself!

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Car Stereo Installation - How To

So, you want to upgrade the stereo in your car? Well, you'd be well advised to shop around, because there's a lot of variation in the market place.

Stereo Install Difficulty Level
This can vary depending on your vehicle and how complex the dash components are connected together. Take your time, don't grab and yank! There are clips, screws and other various ways that dashes are held together.

Installation Time
The average time to install a stereo is 1/2-2 hours. This of course will vary depending on the complexity of the dash components.

Be Safe
A stereo install can be quite safe with the proper tools. Take your time! improper installation can be harmful to you and your car. Always use wire harnesses when possible, improper wire probing can trigger a vehicle's airbag system. Parts of the dash can have sharp edges that will easily cut you if your not careful.

Installation parts needed:

stereo installation kit
The stereo installation kit mounts the new radio into the existing opening in your dash.

Wiring Harnesses
Your aftermarket stereo wire harness will wire color for color to the installation kit wire harness. The stereo install kit harness will plug into the existing radio harness in your car

Antenna adapter
If needed the antenna adapter will connect the factory antenna adapter and your aftermarket stereo.

Tools Needed for stereo Install

Flathead and Phillips Screwdrivers
Standard and Metric Sockets
Electrical Tape
Ford / Mazda Radio Removal Keys, if vehicle is Ford or Mazda
Wire Cutters
Wire Crimpers

Remember to have fun! Your installing your stereo yourself, not paying to much for someone else to do it for you. Don't force anything, if something doesn't want to fit right take a break, read the instructions and try again.

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