1988 (88) OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Car Stereo Installation Kit ALL stereo installation products on this site are manufactured in the USA. All shipping FREE

 1988 (88) OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Dash Install Kit

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 1988 (88) OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Car Stereo Installation Kit
Sorry there is no car stereo install kit available
 Below are the individual pieces that come in the car stereo installation kit(s)
 Car Stereo Mounting Kit  Car Stereo Mounting Kit  Wire Harness  Antenna Adapter
Not Available Not Available View Wire Harness Not Available
Not Available
Car Stereo install faceplate / mounting bracket not available.
Not Available
Car Stereo install faceplate / mounting bracket not available.
This Wire Harness will greatly simplify any car stereo installation. It will match up color for color to the wire harness of your aftermarket stereo
Not Available
Car Stereo install antenna adapter not available.
 Need a replacement harnesses for your aftermarket stereo? Click Here
 9-PC Soft Silicone Dash Removal Tools Set
Soft Silicone Dash Removal Tools
Dash Removal Tools
Some stereo installations may require that parts of the dash be removed. These clear soft silicone tools are made specifically for high end installations.
Helps elimiate scratches and chips!
 Factory System Integration - Add an Amp or Aftermarket Stereo
Premium Factory Sound Systems Integration
For the installation of aftermarket stereo, or amplifier integration into a vehicles pre-existing factory system.
The #5065 is a one-device solution for today's vehicle sound systems. It features programmable input and output circuitry with slide switches, which allows connection of RCA level or speaker level input and output. DC coupling circuit ensures noise free integration and no load induced on the factory system. This is in contrast to a normal LOC which uses resistors and can stress a factory radio's circuitry.
The #5065 utilizes signal sense to detect when audio is present in the device, and creates a 12V output usable for triggering an external amplifier.
  • Designed to be connected in the rear of the vehicle for quick installation
  • Provides 12v amplifier turn-on trigger wire
  • Linear 20 to 20,000Hz output based on input signal
  • Transformer isolated for optimal sound and performance
  • Maintains correct phasing
  • 60 watts maximum input per channel
Instructions: Pdf Instruction Manual
 Factory Speaker Information - Size & Location
 Front Speaker Size & Location:  3.5A, 4E
 Rear Speaker Size & Location:  6x9J
 A. Top Dash C. Kick Panel E. Lower door G. Lower rear I. Rear side panel K. Rear sides M. Rear Door (Wagons, Vans) O. Rear Posts (Trucks)B. Front Dash D. Upper Door F. Behind Seat (Trucks) H. Upper Rear J. Rear deck L. Tall sides N. Rear Top (Wagons, Vans) P. Rear Corner (Trucks)
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